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Every child deserves to have fun regardless of their ability. K&R Event Arena is one of the best event companies that puts the needs of your child first. K&R Event Arena offers a Sensory room that is accessible to every child. Sensory rooms are designed to combine a range of stimuli to help develop and engage your child’s senses, including lights, colours, sound, and textured objects. We offer a swing tent, ball pit, and interactive light and sound displays. We have tablets with sensory games and optical lights. Our event arena has thought of what would help support a child’s gross and fine motor development. We will also engage their sensory needs in an interactive social environment. Come to K&R Event Arena and let your senses explore.

Our Room Features:

· Therapy tent/Cuddle tent.

· Ball pitt

· Touch lights

· Tablets with sensory games

· Bubble columns

· Visual displays

· Sound displays

· Optical lights


Therapy tent

Why this? Kid’s clam and self-regulate. It encourages a wide range of movements. Kids climb in stretch out and move around inside the swing. Their body learns awareness balance, motor planning and spatial skills. It’s fun bouncing, swings, spinning or while lying in it motionless while enjoying movement. Any kid would love this technical advancement in swings. Come and experience it today!

Ball pit

Are they only balls? Playing in ball pits strengthen children’s muscles. Swimming and crawling through the balls is fun for kids all while parents can sit back knowing these simple little balls are helping calm their children and strengthen their fine motor skills, Come in and we’ll all improve our skills together.


Touch Lights

Isn’t just a game? Lights can be a relaxation technic. It can also be used to support the development of communication, hand eye coordination and cause and effect response. They can manifest a ray of emotions and provide loads of fun. Come in and relax with the lights and improve your senses coordination.

Tablets with games

Everyone loves games, but we have the games that will appeal to your senses. Games that have a sensation of lights, sounds, mental stimulation. Come in and play with me please.


Bubble Columns

Aren’t they so Elegant? You can’t resist this soothing and captivating sight of sounds of bubbles. Another way to get your kids to relax and enjoy the sight. Improve their visual tracking skills and hand eye coordination along with their memory. I just want to sit and gaze at the bubbles for ponder the meaning of life, come and gaze with me and we’ll all try to figure it out.


Optical Lights

What pretty sight. This visual display is like no other. It’s strands are flexible and feels cool. Optical lights can change moods and calm children. Visual they will track and bend each strand. They will command your child’s attention guaranteed. I want to trace each strand to its source will you come in and help me?

Sensory Room is open to public Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday 12pm to 6pm, Saturday&Sunday 10am-9pm


Ages 5 and up $15/hour

Ages 0 to 5 $9.5/hour

Accompanying Adult free


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Tel. 416-546-2355

Fax. 416-477-2243

50 Weybright Court Unit#24&25

Scarborough, Ontario,

M1S 5A8

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Monday - 12:00pm - 6pm

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 12:00pm- 6pm

Thursday - Closed

Friday 12:00pm - 6:30pm

Saturday - 10am - 9pm

Sunday 10am - 9pm 


Additional parking North, East side of the building and also on the street